Who We Are

Health imaging solutions Ltd was founded in 2016 by Mike Cox, Wayne Goring and Michael Bradfield to change the way institutions manage their diagnostic imaging equipment.

In the past, most institutions relied on OEMs to service and maintain their equipment. But over time, contract costs had increased and customer service quality was deteriorating fast. When they did arrive, the engineers seemed to be more interested in upselling and pushing new equipment than helping their customers get the most out of their existing machines. More and more institutions were complaining that their OEM contracts just didn’t provide value for money.

Please don’t believe that third party maintenance equals low quality and unreliable service. In fact, the third-party companies are attracting the most experienced and highly trained people to work for them. We have local parts, our own test equipment, our own supplier contracts, N3 access and remote service capabilities. We can arrange for applications support, mobile and interim cover. All of this for a more competitive price.

Mike, Wayne and Michael established Health Imaging Solutions to provide high quality, vendor-neutral and cost effective services for all diagnostic imaging equipment.

HISL’s experienced, OEM-trained engineers provide the very highest levels of safety and service. HISL offers an industry-beating 98%+ up-time guarantee which can only be achieved by providing incredibly fast response times: 30 minutes to respond by phone, 1 hour to receive remote support, and just 4 hours to receive support on-site.

As well as contract maintenance, HISL provides a range of specialist services for all your diagnostic imaging equipment projects. We specialise in de-installation, relocation and installation of Tier 1 equipment with full, hassle-free turnkey project management. At our specialist centre in South Yorkshire we can also provide equipment refurbishment, a spare-parts library, design-and-build services for mounting equipment on mobile or relocatable trailers, technical equipment hire for MRI relocation, equipment storage and magnet cryo-farming.