Uptime Guarantee

High level imaging systems are used more intensively than ever before. Evening and weekend scanning to meet patient requirements can only be achieved if systems are in full use. Our uptime guarantee of 98% is the minimum that we strive to achieve. 

Finding the cause of a problem doesn’t start when our engineer arrives on-site. Unlike a generic call centre, every call placed with us is allocated to one of our system specialists within minutes. They will speak directly to the system user and ascertain the status of the unit. In addition to this, our Remote Diagnostic capability allows us to see what the user sees. Our specialists can then give instructions to re-set the system via a number of methods, which may resolve the issue, or at the very least keep the system in operation until our engineer arrives, which will be within 4 working hours, even on weekends. 

We have total faith in our ability to achieve 98% uptime, which is reflected in our penalty clauses, should we fail. For every 1% that we fall below 98%, we will compensate the customer with a 5% reduction on the cost of the contract renewal. Therefore, if we achieve 95%, our liability is 3x5% =15%. Achieving optimum uptime is of great benefit to patients, imaging departments, and ourselves.