Independent Service Partner

Health Imaging Solutions Ltd – Your Independent Service Partner.

At HISL, providing quality service is at the heart of our company. We are not an equipment manufacturer, which allows us to concentrate 100% on equipment service. As an ISO (Independent Service Organisation), we service equipment across a range of OEMS, allowing us to offer a truly independent Multi-Vendor Service. We only accept maintenance contracts for equipment on which we are fully experienced and qualified, and do not sub contract work out to other companies, ensuring that we are in control of our service delivery at all times. For customers who might look for a one stop shop for maintenance, we would caution that while this may provide administration efficiencies, the extra link in the chain may well result in increased downtime of equipment.

Reputation is everything to us. We know that by maintaining your equipment to an excellent standard we are maintaining an excellent reputation. Our highly skilled product specialists, support staff and project managers are OEM certified so can provide flexible, reliable, high quality and cost effective solutions across your diagnostic equipment range. Our prime focus is to keep your equipment up and running.. We fully appreciate the financial and operational constraints facing today’s healthcare environment, but we also understand that lower costs must go hand in hand with industry leading support. We offer a consistent service whereby we can be trusted resolve equipment issues very quickly. Our ethos is to provide quality service without compromise. As an ISO, we are truly committed to proving this and changing perceptions within the industry.

Our management team has over than 50 years’ experience in Diagnostic Imaging service, which means we consistently provide solutions that meet the expectations of the ever increasing demands of the market. Our values and ethos define who we are and how we operate as a business. We strive to be the best in the industry and our customers are the best judge of our performance. Our hard work and commitment to you is resulting in growing portfolio of reference customers. We are proud to have customers across all sectors of healthcare providers.

As a Multi-Vendor Service provider, we can reduce costs and increase uptime by servicing multiple assets, modalities and OEM manufacturers. We provide the highest quality service to our customers at realistic prices, with flexible cover options as opposed to a traditional rigid set of options.

We understand that our customers require savings to be made but not at the expense of quality, UPTIME or reliability. Our mantra to our customers is to deliver upon our promises which include. We provide:

  • 98% Uptime and above.
  • A service that makes your problem become our problem and deliver a solution that offers you the least path of resistance.
  • A single point of contact for all maintenance needs.
  • OEM certified, competent, friendly, professional engineering support.
  • Genuine spare parts every time.
  • Remote diagnostic service and assistance at all times on appropriate systems.
  • Weekend and evening support as standard.
  • An interim solution should your system be out of service for an extended period of time.
  • Contracts that are built around you and that are user based.

We value our people and recruit the industry’s best. As a result we can offer:

  • The highest possible standard of expertise and service.
  • Vendor neutral and unbiased advice.
  • Unparalleled flexibility and reduced risk.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Operational cost savings which can be further enhanced by asset pooling across modalities and manufacturers.