Health Imaging Launches MRI cold storage facility near Sheffield.

  • Posted On: 1 August 2017
Health Imaging Launches MRI cold storage facility near Sheffield.


Health Imaging Solutions Limited are pleased to announce the completion of the latest phase of the extensive building works and upgrade to the infrastructure of their Engineering Excellence Centre, in Dinnington, South Yorkshire.

Our state of the art Cryo Farm facility is now up and running, and is already proudly hosting a Siemens Avanto TIM + DOT for our partner Company Fairford Leasing Limited.

This facility enables Health Imaging Solutions to safely store, cool and monitor MRI systems in a very cost-effective manner, and we are proud to be the first such facility in the North of England.

Boasting 2 state of the art chiller units – allowing for redundancy in the case of failure or routine chiller maintenance, and including auto-switching capability, so that no helium loss will occur – we are able to offer storage of multiple magnets in our fully monitored Cryo-Bays.

Coupled with our 2 Refurbishment Bays, extensive parts and system storage facilities and extended office space, this is a very exciting expansion of our capabilities, here at HISL.

If you are interested in storing your MRI system with HISL, or any other of the services we can offer, please give us a call on 01709 287980, or email