De-installation, relocation and installation

We offer de-installation and relocation of your diagnostic imaging equipment. Why not extend the life of your equipment and move it to another department? Don’t lose asset value when you could add value elsewhere or at another outpost hospital by reusing your equipment.

We can also offer you a full range of diagnostic imaging equipment to lease and buy through our partners Fairford Leasing Limited. We can also buy your full range of imaging equipment too. Pre-planning, Project Management and Delivery and installation from the conception of a project. The lead engineer will be the primary engineer that will service and repair your system from clinical use. the advantage of this is that it allows you to get to know your local team. Right from the start, this allows us to fully understand your requirements both during the planning phase through to delivery and on to clinical use.

All of this adds up to a seamless, professional and customer focused support team that is centred around you.

The process behind a recent de-installation at MARIARC

Health Imaging Solutions Ltd are proud to have recently deinstalled two Siemens MRI scanners from MARIARC in Liverpool. MARIARC is a neurology research facility which is part of the University of Liverpool. The two Siemens scanners were a 1.5T Symphony and 3T Trio. Both systems were purchased by Fairford Leasing Limited, which is our partner company. Fairford Leasing Limited contracted the deinstallation and project management duties to Health Imaging Solutions.

Carrying out a site survey and initial audit of the system. We attended with our logistics partners, Simon Hegele to survey the removal route, our building contractors to survey the required building works and excavations. We brought in our preferred crane company to survey the site and to understand what size of crane was needed.

We removed both systems over four days in total and the steps involved were:

  • Making an offer for the systems.
  • Securing both systems with a 10% deposit upfront.
  • Providing proof of competence in the form of approved OEM training certificates.
  • Issuing dilapidation surveys, Risk Assessments and Method Statements for the removal and logistics.
  • Issuing a contract lifting plan for the crane out of both systems.
  • Carrying out ground works surveys and plate bearing ground testing to ensure the road could withstand the weight of the crane.
  • Organising road closure permits with Liverpool city council and AMEY.
  • Attending project planning meetings and continually communicating with the clients projects team.
  • Issue of project programme.
  • Excavation of the ground works.
  • Erection of dust screen to prevent dust entering the magnet.
  • Final QA of both systems and coils before removal. Completion QA procedural documentation.
  • Final check of patient data archiving and deletion.
  • Permanent wipe of patient data from the hard drives.
  • Complete outstanding balance payment to the client/clear funds.
  • Final system shut down.
  • Clinically clean the systems.
  • Wrapping of magnet to prevent dust ingress.
  • Installation of hard core and railway sleepers to provide a solid weight bearing surface on which to construct the magnet crane off platforms.
  • Removal of brick work and cage section to allow magnet to be remove for crane out.
  • Secure these walls with temporary hoarding.
  • Power off, isolate and lock off power to both systems in agreement with estates.
  • Remove and disconnect all cables and connections from both systems.
  • Drain the secondary water systems.
  • Decommission and isolate the primary water chillers.
  • Carefully package, label and protect all system components and software.
  • Load the systems onto the truck.
  • Secure license dongles in secure container.
  • Crane out the magnets onto the external platforms.
  • Attach eyebolts to the magnet top.
  • Install shipment kits.
  • Crane out into a sliding rooftop vehicle.
  • Advise AMEY that the road can be reopened.
  • Sweep and clean the rooms.
  • Issue a patient data cleanse / removal certificate confirming to the client that no patient data has been transferred from site and that HISL are now liable.
  • Builders to re-instate wall and prepare room for change of use of for the new scanner.
  • Perform final dilapidation survey and site closure.
  • Sign off task and issue service report.

We are proud to have completed the job ahead of schedule and the customer was delighted with our services.

The de-installation in action

A few good reasons to work with us

  1. We provide OEM trained engineers who know your systems. Because of this you can have peace of mind that the job will be completed in a competent and safe manner.
  2. We can provide you with proof of competence certification
  3. We work only with approved logistics partners that can transport the equipment using the OEM approved transportation jigs and frames.
  4. We pay you a deposit upfront and pay the outstanding balance before we remove your equipment.
  5. Our price remains the same and we never wait for an onward sale before you get your money. This provides you with the reassurance that your replacement project will happen on time.
  6. Our project managers are also there to attend project meetings, carry out surveys and also derive from an OEM background.
  7. Our offers include all items that are needed for the removal, cranes, road closures, ramp down, project management, logistics, patient data deletion. We provide a simple, hassle free solutions to the job, which causes the least path of resistance for you, our client.