Mobile and Relocatable Project Management

At Health Imaging Solutions, we have extensive experience in the design of MRI and CT mobiles from all manufacturers. We understand that the intricate design details of mobiles takes a long time in the planning, scheduling, resourcing and in managing. These valuable assets need to be delivered on time, on budget and with no outstanding issues. You have customers waiting and this is where we can help you. We can support your new mobile and relocatable project by managing the entire process, we will run the project and make sure that the finished product is built to a high standard and to your agreed specification. 

We have designed many different variants of mobiles with two or three slide out pods, relocatable with hydraulic legs that don’t need to be craned in, we can arrange for your units to be connected to your hospital so patients and staff are not exposed to the elements and uneven ground surfaces. We can work with the coach builder, OEM, third party suppliers, livery provider and all other stakeholders to bring the project together in a structured and timely manner. If you wish to install refurbished systems into trailers, we can install the scanners competently via our own in-house OEM trained engineers. We can then reduce the lifetime costs by providing competitive maintenance pricing to you. 

The above solutions enable you to focus on your operational or clinical duties and we take on this responsibility for you. Not only do we understand coach craft, we are also experts on the medical equipment that you have selected as your preference. We appreciate and have the knowledge of the mobile kits that are required to adapt the equipment from standard configuration to integrate with mobile application, the bespoke CT transport brackets that are needed to prevent gantry tilt / rotation. We have designed solutions for safely stowing coils, prevent ceiling suspensions arms and injector pedestals from moving around, keyboard and mice safe’s and much more. We have lived these projects and have been involved with the design, project management, implementation and delivery of some of the best units on the roads.

We can work with you to improve the design and workflow within the units, we understand the clinical needs of end users and understand that patient comfort is of the highest priority. We can work with you to suggest improvements to the layout and patient comfort products that may enhance the design and usability of your investment. In a competitive market with believe that the design criteria and clinical usability of your mobile is just as important as the equipment when it comes to selection criteria.

We also rent mobiles via our partners Fairford Leasing Limited. We have a range of mobiles and relocatable units on offer. These mobiles can be hired out to existing staffed mobile providers, NHS and private clients.

The latest unit from FAIRFORD LEASING is a BRAND NEW CUSTOM DESIGNED TOP OF THE LINE LAMBOO MOBILE TRAILER WITH A FULLY REFURBISHED SIEMENS MAGNATOM AVANTO 1.5T MRI WITH TIM+DOT AND 76 x 18 CHANNELS with latest software, mobile pack and brand new coils and comfort equipment.

Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.