System Refurbishment

Health Imaging Solutions are proud to offer two stages of refurbishment for our customers. The UK market buys high end equipment that is still valuable after several years. Much of the equipment being removed from our NHS and private hospitals can be refurbished and reused in the UK or abroad. In some cases, these systems can be used overseas and here as veterinary, interim solutions or to provide extra capacity. Medical equipment is vital to saving lives and we refurbish equipment so that miracles can continue to happen.

Refurbishing equipment has social and economic benefits in that the equipment is more affordable to those not able to buy brand new equipment. Refurbishing systems also creates jobs for people here and in many other countries. Refurbishing equipment is also environmentally friendly as the equipment isn’t being scrapped or entered into landfill.

We have highlighted the following examples of how refurbished equipment can be reused.

  1. A district general NHS hospital who has the imaging demand for two scanners but only the budget for one.
  2. An interim scanner to cover equipment replacement (A new CT scanner as an example).
  3. A waiting list reducer on short or long term rental.
  4. Sell, lease or rent a system overseas.
  5. Veterinary market.
  6. GP Practices.
  7. Sport science imaging / football and rugby clubs.
  8. University and research institutions.
  9. Relocatable and mobile installations.

Standard Refurbishment

Standard refurbishment is carried out by default on all equipment that we provide to our customers. Standard refurbishment provides you with reassurance that the equipment you will receive will look like new, is fully cleaned, tested, and had any faulty parts exchanged. We carry out this refurbishment at our refurbishment centre in the Midlands.

  • All covers resprayed and stickers replaced
  • System clinically cleaned and decontaminated
  • Any defective parts replaced
  • System fully tested
  • Image quality checked and certified
  • Quality assurance certification provided
  • 90-day warranty provided

Full Refurbishment

We offer full COCIR Good Refurbishment Practise approved refurbishment via our partners.

Full equipment refurbishment involves a five-step process.

  1. Selection of used equipment. Only the best systems are selected for full refurbishment. The system must be able to be refurbished to the same standard as an equivalent new system so that the same quality, reliability and warranty can be offered.
  2. Disassembly, Packaging and Shipment. During dismantling and packaging, the equipment will be fully cleaned, logged and any item that is defective will be removed.
  3. Refurbishment – Cleaning, checking for updates, applying updates, applying field modification, changing parts that are past quality criteria for applicable use, log, document, prepare technical documentation, remove dust, paint covers.
  4. Reinstallation of equipment – Health Imaging Solutions can provide you with a professional installation service by OEM trained engineers. We only work with approved logistics partners who move and install equipment in a safe and competent manner. We provide all original documentation and we can organise applications training.
  5. We can provide financing solutions for your new equipment, you will get a full one year's warranty, original spare parts availability, maintenance options and access to future safety related updates.

The good refurbishment practice differentiates between used equipment and refurbished equipment.

Please talk to us about your used and refurbished system requirements.

If you are interested in selling your current equipment or buying a refurbished system, then please get in touch.