At Health Imaging Solutions Limited, we understand how vital system availability and equipment uptime is to all of our customers and patients. The demand for imaging has never been higher and we know that diagnostic imaging equipment is being worked harder and for longer.

With this in mind, we are proud to offer bespoke, onsite and in-house training to customers. This training is free of charge to our contract customers and can be tailored to your level of knowledge, experience and requirements. Our training combines an excellent balance of practical hands on and theory based learning. We also encourage participation as we believe that many people learn better by carrying out the activity themselves.

We offer first-line training, delivered by our fully OEM trained system experts, to your relevant staff, such as EBME Departments, engineers or anyone responsible for the Imaging equipment maintenance and performance.

This enables you to provide immediate response on site, potentially saving time and money.

The aim of our training is to enable you to be competent and confident at providing support on site. You will be guided and supported by our product experts and this helps you to immediately resolve system issues with the advantage of the equipment being up and running almost straight away, without waiting for an Engineer visit.

We offer training to accommodate different levels of experience from novice to advanced. We start with modality basic training and progress to advanced troubleshooting. All training will be certified by us.

When coupled with our Remote Diagnostics - along with our Remote Assistance capabilities - we can help to make unscheduled equipment downtime a thing of the past!

Please contact us to register your interest.